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For Community Health Workers

Employment and Wage Statistics

 Here is the latest data for the state of Texas from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Employment : 4760
Employment per thousand jobs: 0.35
Hourly mean wage: $ 21.63
Annual mean wage: $ 44,990

For more detailed and county-specific information, please consult the data provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics by clicking the button below.

Texas Approach to CHW Certification

Texas is among the increasing number of states that are developing or considering certification programs for community health workers.

CHW Certification Status: State Approved Program
Agency Governance: Largely Decentralized
Agency Structure: Under an Umbrella
HHS Region : 6
Population : Over 10 Million

For more information about the Texas Certification Process for Community Health Workers (CHWs), please click the button below.

Texas Certification Process

The Community Health Worker (CHW) or Promotor(a) Training and Certification Program offers leadership in the development and implementation of standardized statewide training and certification.

Requirements include:
Residency in Texas
Minimum age of 16 years
Training: Completion of a DSHS-certified 160-hour competency-based Community Health Worker training program.
Experience: A minimum of 1000 cumulative hours of community health worker services within the last recent (3) years, verified by the supervisors listed in the application.
For additional details on these requirements, please click the button below.

For Doulas

Table with CSS
Training and Certification For Texas Implementation status Reimbursement Rate Billing/Payment Structure Credentialing Medicaid Coverage for Doula Care
NA Adjacent Action Taken NA NA NA A handful of Medicaid managed care plans in the state are piloting doula care; statewide doula advocacy coalition formed